Designing Tips and Features of DEWALT DCF815S2 Impact Driver

Dewalt DC815S2 will belightweight; that match limited locations using a light layout. Right now there a few directed to offer

awareness shadow-free. Practically those people who are any novice and also specialist usually find the

best 12v impact driver for residence operates. As a result of that offers light, large torque and also large

velocity. This sort of Influence individuals will make driver screws, drill gap and also attachment together

with quick instances.

Designing Tips of it:

  • Women which perform in the house or perhaps DIY fix things coming from timber enjoyed12-volt (12v) impact individuals. As it will be light about 2. 2 pounds’ fat.
  • They could deliver ease and comfort any time functioning expense and also function moretime making use of their tiny palms.

  • It offers 700 to 960-pound torque regarding large strength regarding traveling screws andalso attachment.
  • With specialist, in which exactly why in addition they pick a finest 12v impact driverregarding themselves
  • Due to the fact in accordance with these the particular velocity and also torque regardingimpact driver adequate to accomplish the particular fixes on the web page of your career.
  • The particular filter area in which intricate. DEWALT DCF815S2 could just work at lower mildlocations together with DIRECTED mild built-in without shadow.
  • With fresh engineering layout, this sort 12v impact driver can easily guard the particular tag,not necessarily injury that.
  • The particular 12-volt impact driver metallic catch can easily wait for any belt withoutexperience found.
  • The battery living, as well as the torque regarding 12 / impact driver, are usually constrainedas compared to sort 18v impact driver.
  • It isn’t suited to the particular weighty career that really needs large torque for instancemending automobiles, bikes or perhaps weighty devices.
  • Despite the fact that well-known this kind of brand names regarding impact driver tend to bepricey. Yet be determined by an individual economic to decide on ideal a great impact driver.

The Features if DEWALT DCF815S2 Impact Driver:

Influence driver models together with a significantly operate

goal. It is possible to protect significantly act as traveling twist, drill and also attachment together

with a single application. An individual doesn’t pay out a lot more per operating per application

independent. The important features are:

  • Chuck with the impact driver could be the ¼ “, nonetheless, it can easily acknowledge partsaround 1 “.
  • The driver is straightforward running inside tiny places together with 6-1/4-inch-long andalso 2. 2-pound fat.
  • The DEWALT DCF815S2 driver is sold with 02 lithium-ion battery delivers. Battery powerability will be 1. 1 Ah together with everyone as well as the renew instances is just about 25 minute to 1hour or so. And also, belt show plus an easily transportable catch.
  • The porter-cable arrangement will be driver drill and also impact driver together withlightweight dimensions. The routine driver provides a couple of rates 0-135 any 0-1200 rpm.
  • It is straightforward to improve velocity from the swap with the gearbox and fast drilling. Itbears just work at 230 inches’/pound utmost torque to suit your needs large strength.
  • With 20 establishing regarding clutch i465 black offers the overall flexibility to suit yourneeds utilizes having an assortment substance huge.
  • It provides performer sleeve 3/8-inch toss together with spindle secure impress great forparts maintenance.

The reason why an individual pick the best 12v impact driver it is lightweight layout offers large torque

and also varied large velocity. It could protect above 80% application software regarding drill, driver and

also attachment. DEWALT DCF815S2 could just work at limited locations and also expense together with

a single palm effortless deal with and also handle that.

All About Record Player

Vinyl record players must seem no longer strange to any real music lovers. They produce the “real” music, which is much more qualified than the other forms of listening to music.

You probably find the best record player. However, actually there is no such thing called “best record players“. It can be the best suited for you, and that’s all. “Perfection” can be changed from person to person.


A vintage turntable or modern turntable is better? There is so sorry that no available answer to this question. But we have some tips for the question: how to find a turntable that meets your need.

Belt Driven or Direct Drive?

The sound can be produced by spinning plate process on the platter. It is driven by a motor that is located inside the cabinet. At the same time, you can put aside the platter, it is fine too.

There is an elastic belt which is used to connect the two together, and a record player is called belt driven, as a result. In this way, the advantage is about ensuring optimal isolation and stability, then utter purer sound.

On the other hand, if you directly spin the platter by mounting of the motor under. There is no more need for a belt to set places, so we can call them “direct drive”. This kind of vinyl is more preferred by DJs, as it helps them to rotate the platter backwards themselves.

Listing the tonearm manual or automatic


For a manual player, we – the users have to directly lift and place the arm. Meanwhile for the automatic models, this tonearm will be lifted and placed by itself, which is super a bargain. However, it is more difficult to find and buy the second ones, as they are rarer.

The most popular ones are semi automatic tonearms. First, we place the arm directly and manual on the record. The machine will do its job by lowering the arm, and be ready for any music playing by just pushing on a button.

USB and recording options

It is more and more available for music on the digital stores. The vinyls are therefore less popular. Sometimes, the quality of music is changed between platter and cartridge. It is the same with the difference of listening to music by laptop and a speaker.

The best solution is storing your audios with USB models. The sound will be the same as being played from a turntable.

Have you ever wonder the way sound is produced by a record player? Actually, you have to put a stylus or a needle on a plate, which result in vibrating to make sound. Process is as explained as follows. Sound will be read from the LP, sent to the cartridge through the arm, and finally utter the pure sound.


At first, vinyl is preferred as those reasons: good sound, attractive design, sometimes is about your old memories to choose it. You can make a good start with Bob Marlet album or Back to Black – Amy Winehouse. Classic album going with the vinyl record player is simply the best of best.

In the end, above is some information that you should know about vinyl audio players. Each of the player will have pros and cons, and all the choices is in your hands. However, the idea of bring a new vinyl to your home is not bad at all. Let your soul be filled with pure classic and harmonized sound, with a feeling of old memories.

We hope this article will be useful for you to choose the most suitable one, and then experience and make decision yourself as a wise shopper.


The best device that is versatile and used frequently is the best air impact wrench that contains hole in it with the screws on it and can be used properly. There is circular plus hex sank drill parts with the bitws around them with the screw on it. This entire tool has brushes on it with the sanders that are rotating often. You may also get other parts with the driving bits. There are also drills available that has clutch in it with the clips and help to see the quantity that helps to fix them.

There is great speed seen in the impact drivers for the torque without getting proper treatment. They are also published and their features are highly appreciated and are good with more torque. Not like drills but are impact drivers that are with cordless and are best for using.



Use the driver for impact with the help of rotation and concussive blow that will be providing you with great benefit and with the power commute anchoring as well that are hard and dense wood together. It helps to give two or three times more power that help to get proper torque with the drilling service that provide benefit.


The strength is different and is also comfortable too but it is not recommended to be used quickly soon as there may be action that can change its effect and with the torque energy that is great enough, don’t try to get it utilization done randomly and often.


Try using those models that are beneficial for you and are in to your range as well.


There are several forms of impact drivers that are recommended and are having several speed on them which you can get with the help of motors that are without brush either with proper engine on them. Use them that provide you with all the facilities.

Can it be easily use with the help of screwdriver that are best recommended?

These can be easily used in linking form and with the screw driver as well. And are maintained together and can help to decrease chances inside them and can easily help to add bits that are of 1 inch and with the good work and can go up to 2 inch as well with the help of holder bits. You can easily use them.

For providing and getting proper torque, do you need to handle it properly?


Not only have you needed to check the torque for the top and low parts but also get to see the benefits from them that help you to keep it in tight manner and to check supply of torque easily. Check the supply for the force to easily help to rotate it. Carry the tool properly and check for the accurate handling of such tools. Check the rpm of this tool that must be moving continuously to give the right answer that can help to satisfy you.

Are the impart drivers that are cordless beneficial and good for using?

It is not as compared to doing exercise or any such service and is different from other. They excels driving nails and are best when used in the form of cordless drill at the site of holes boring and getting it done faster with repeated depths and all the required measurements.

There is a need for checking actual practices for your work and get the benefit out from it and having it in great value so that it produces direct resources. For the products that are needed to perform with the help of impact drivers and it helps to set target with the tile Dionysus plank and checking it to the floors as well. Sticking to the type is not the best option you must know all the benefits related to it and check for the cordless drill and the impact driver.

You may find gap between the tools that are beneficial and can be used easily to close them. Manufactures often drill them and check for the hole on them to check for the proper accessory that helps to use impact driver.


When you wish to use screws for longer term and purpose you prefer impact drivers and this may also helps to add holes in it with the surface making it hard. There are several other tools that may be helpful for providing such work but the main purpose is to get the most of from this type. You may get best impact driver for your work. This is the best way to perform your work.

Never purchase that tool that may instead of providing comfort harm you with wasting money. So you may get the good one with all the essential features in it. You may find different types of machines and impact drivers on the market but the best one must contain all the necessary features in it. These features and necessary things in your tools are discussed below:

Check for the handle that is good for using:

Before purchasing right type of impact driver for yourself, you must see that is it comfortable for you to handle or not and is that working in proper way or not. You may hold it for as long as your work needs attention and how can you come with it so that you may provide with the benefits for such type of impact driver.

Driving for the one hand:

Before purchasing right type of impact driver consider using it with one hand that may help it to work accordingly and in this way you can get appropriate results for you and just check using this machine whenever it is possible to use. Don’t try to use it for the double handling and driving purpose.

Impact driver known as Hammerhead Right-Angle:

Proper shape and size of impact driver:

It must be in accordance with your feets and also hands. This influences your body language and will explain it properly with having several sizes and shapes that are helpful for getting right type of thing for yourself. This may help you feel comfortable when using impact driver of your own choice and style.

Stability and strength of housing: The machine can be helpful to use strongly whenever needed and this is especially done on the wall that is concrete. There is stable body structure and it s helpful in picking the load around it and this may help your device feel stronger and easily can be purchased.

Facility for light: Check the light facility available or not with the LED and LED light. Many people often don’t like this system but some love to have such thing for them in their impact drivers. You may not find it good that to use normal lights and that may help you in other way and show what is happening inside the drilling purpose.

The impact driver with or without cord: You may get some different types of impact drivers in the market that are either cordless or may be with the cord. The most used one is the cordless and are used by many users nowadays than the other type. There is limitation of the space provided that are helpful and can easily be seen for selecting the right thing for you.

Popular Impact drivers: The product characteristics and features are the important things that must be noted and you must check for the right brand that best suits you and fulfill your needs. You must also use the best impact drivers.

Importance of kit packages: There are several kits on the boxes present and in it you may find several things that are important to be used and are different shapes and styles. You may find them alone.

Getting impact driver from shops: There is different way and sources from where you can have impact driver and this will help to purchase it the right way you wish to have. You may get the thing from the hardware store and also from the store of brand. You must check for the right brand as well that is essential to be noted and known.

Time allocated for the warranty of impact driver: The warranty seen is usually of one year for every impact driver that is given to the users and it has also been seen that some companies provide with the 2 or more years warranty to their customers. The best driver must be noted with their warranty and this will help to invest your money on the right thing.

Keep you impact wrench safe and secure by following its maintenance tips

You may find information from mechanic who will tell you about proper wrench and how the impact wrench actually works and functions. You must know how it takes place to work and gets benefit from. The best air impact wrench is available at every place from where you can get proper information.

It helps to make it easy to use and for just start in any of the field, it is important to note and check for the proper job. Wrench is suppose to be important tool which helps to use and gives grip manually for the pressure as well as the torque. You may use this tool as a bolt and nut cutter. These wrenches are very much helpful for you and can benefit you as well

You may find several types and different shapes wrenches that are found at every store and market. You may find some common wrenches that are known as: box-end wrenches, open-end wrenches, adjustable wrenches, flex head wrenches, spanner wrenches, electric impact wrenches, and at the last is air impact wrenches.

Information about Air impact wrench:

You may feel that the impact wrench is same as the electric drill as it resembles with it and functionally you may find some common things in both. drill of electricity helps to give you source of power and also speed. while the impact wrench gives high and torque that is more powerful with low speed if you compare it with the help of electric drill.

Designing of air impact wrench:

You may find that it is shaped in a way that is similar like a hammer in structure and will strike opposite to an anvil. This is basically linked with a square drive from one end. If you find it stuck then you may apply a force that helps to place it in different location. This may help not to break any tool and you can perform your work easily with this type of impact wrench.

This is also termed as pneumatic impact wrench that helps to make it easy for you to use and is preffered by the automotive mechanics. It helps to use the air that is more powerful and makes a  task to done it easily. You need to have connection that is direct or from any source that may be air compressor. You need to have connection that is for more time that will help to easy supply air and other facilities.

Cordless impact wrench and its information:

Electric impact wrench is of different types. It is either cordless or ou may find it wired. It is of different size and speed. You may also get more power from this electric machine as compared to other devices. It is not easy to manage and see as it is attached with the cable that is of electricity. This is easy to use.

Air impact wrench are of less price as compared to electric impact wrench. So see accordingly for the price of electric impact wrench that may benefit you. You must shop so that you can easily get what you needed and this may help you in getting proper thing for yourself. You should select right tool for yourself that you must use and that is good to use for doing your work. This is very good to use these wrenches and make your life easy and simple from these work.

If you are thinking to work on some hard places so you must use cordless electric impact that is best to use. This is very much easy to use and the drawback is that it wont offer the best power as it must offer you. This impact wrench is the simplest one and you must use it accordingly for your requirement. This air impact wrench is very much helpful for you to use.

There are several different types that will help you to get the best from it and will benefit you as well. You may get the most from these type of impact wrenches and it will help you to make your work easy and in this way you may work properly for you.

High-speed Rotary Tools and Power Equipment


High-speed rotary tools or moto tools perform a variety of tasks at speeds up to 30,000 rpm. A large assortment of accessories is available for attaching to the base tool, making it a cutter, sander, drill, grinder, engraver or polisher.

These tools are available in single-, two- and variable-speed models. They operate on AC, 120V current. A cordless, two-speed model with a recharger also is available.

The tools are designed for model makers, hobbyists and many home repair applications where attention to detail is important. Manufacturer literature outlines many of these features to help promote the tools and available accessories.

In recent years, these tools have gained in popularity because of their many applications. As a result, manufacturers are developing more accessories as well as kits with a variety of different bits and buffing, cutting or sanding devices included.


Utility Vacuums

Utility vacuums consist of drum, hose and motor and pick up dirt, sawdust, wood chips, metal shavings and other materials not suitable for regular vacuum cleaners.

An industrial-type utility vacuum cleans where ordinary ones cannot. Dirt bypasses motor and empties directly into drum to avoid clogging. Wet models are designed to suck up water as well as dirt.

Combination wet/dry vacuums are popular with consumers. Designed for use anywhere in the home or garage, these models range in size from 1 to 50 gals., with motors between 1 and 5 hp. Most models include an automatic shut-off feature to prevent water overflow. Accessories include hoses, filters and extension nozzles.


Generators are gasoline-powered engines that produce electricity to provide a portable power source, particularly for emergency use. Generators usually include two or three different outlets or receptacles to operate 12-volt DC and 115-volt AC current as well as 240-volt AC current. Wattage output ranges from 1,850 to 8,000 watts. They feature automatic shut-off when low on oil.


Recently manufacturers have responded to a consumer demand for d-i-y welding equipment by developing several models of consumer welding rigs. Make sure consumers fully understand the welding process before taking on any sort of welding job.

There are primarily two types of welders: arc and wire feed. Are welders are used to weld iron to thin metals up to 1/4[inches]. Wire feed welders, also known as Mig welders, are used for hobby, workshop, home and farm repairs. They weld steel and aluminum by feeding a length of wire and argon gas to clean the metal’s surface.

Air Compressors

Air compressors are used to power pneumatic tools such as drills, paint sprayers and pressure washers. They come in tank and tankless models.

Compressors are rated depending on their cubic feet per minute of air volume output (cfm); their pounds per square inch of air pressure input (psi); and their horsepower (hp).

Usually, the higher the rating in any of these categories, the more versatile the use of the compressor.


The most important rating is cfm because it indicates the amount of air volume needed to operate various tools. Tools have cfm ratings, and these must be considered when matching the tool to the compressor. Larger jobs require higher cfm ratings. Keep in mind that cfm varies with temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

The smaller compressors, usually termed compact or portable compressors, generally utilize a diaphragm-type compression pump powered by an electric motor. These compact compressors are primarily used for inflation or hobby and light spray painting since their capacity is more limited than piston-type compressors that have a storage tank. However, the compact compressors will also run caulking and glue guns and inflate sports equipment and low-pressure tires.

Piston-type compressors are designed like the cylinder/piston mechanism of an automobile. An electric or gasoline motor is used to drive the pump unit, which can have either one or two cylinders, depending upon the compressor’s size.

Piston compressors usually offer greater durability and more work capacity. In the past, piston-types required lubrication for the piston and cylinder, but some oil-free piston compressors with self-lubricating parts perform as well as or better than conventional lubricated compressors.

Oil-less compressors may require more frequent maintenance than oil-bath compressors, but they can run at any angle, making them handy for roofing jobs.

Gasoline-powered compressors are desirable for use on farms, where tools might have to be used away from sources of electricity.

Base Knowledge about Disc Sanders, Orbital And Finishing Sanders

Orbital And Finishing Sanders

A finishing (or straight-line) sander and an orbital sander are similar in appearance and operation and are often combined as one tool with a selector switch to activate each operation.

Both are used for finer finishing work than the belt sander. Sandpaper is attached to a rectangular pad on the bottom of the sander. Some models allow you to sand completely into corners.

In an orbital sander the pad moves in a small circular direction; in the finishing sander it moves back and forth. Movement in any direction is usually less than 1/8[inches]. Since the orbital sander will go across the grain, it is not good for some sanding projects.

For general home use, the orbital sander will usually provide a satisfactory finish. The finishing sander is necessary where it is absolutely essential that the sandpaper move only along a given plane. Orbiting sanders usually operate in the range of 4,000 to 10,000 orbits per minute (opm). Finishing sanders run at about 4,000 opm. There are also high-speed models available that run at 14,000 opm, giving even smoother finishes. Generally, the higher the opm, the faster the stock is removed.

Orbital and finishing sanders are good suggestions for the home handyman, unless he or she is planning to do heavy sanding. The restricted motion of the sanding surface does not require the skilled handling necessary with a belt sander, which can gouge or ripple a soft wood surface if not used properly.

The random orbit sander has stock removal approaching that of a belt sander with the quality of finish similar to that of a finishing sander. The round pad allows sanding of contours, but restricts sanding into corners. The two separate motions of the sanding pad mean that the customary “swirl” marks from orbital sanders are eliminated. The 5[inches] pad is the most popular size.

Random orbit sanders run from 5,000 to 14,000 rpm and typically have an orbit diameter of 3/16[inches], 3/32[inches] or 5/32[inches]. Most random orbit sanders come with some kind of dust collection system.

Disc Sanders

Disc sanders are usually offered in two styles: the angle head, where the disc runs parallel to the motor; and the vertical style, where the disc runs in a plane perpendicular to the motor. Disc sanders are most often used for metal sanding or grinding, but are capable of removing stock in plastics, wood or concrete when used with the proper accessory stone, disc or wheel. However, it is easy to gouge material by mistake. High-end orbital sanders feature an electric brake that stops the pad from rotating when the trigger is lifted.

Polishers are offered in the same styles as disc sanders, but polishers (most often used for automotive polishing) are lower rpm than sanders. A high-speed disc sander could easily burn the paint if used in a polishing operation.

There are non-adhesive sanding disc pads on the market. Some use a special textured surface to grip the sandpaper discs, while others use a metal device either built into the sanding disc or a separate nut and bolt system. Other sanders feature either a hook and loop method to hold the disc in place or an adhesive backing. Hook and loop connections are good for users who think they will need to change sanding pads often because they work on a variety of different projects. Adhesive connections are better used in applications where the same pad will be used for a long period of time.

Detail Sanders

Other sanders are designed to do detail work such as buffing, scraping, cleaning, removing rust and polishing surfaces. Detail sanders come with special heads for reaching into corners, sanding along a round surface or sanding with a very precise edge.


Miniature power tools are ideal for model making, hobby and craft work and a variety of applications whore small tools are needed for precision work.

In addition, many of these tools are excellent for repair work on TVs, radios, appliances and toys. A wide selection is available. High rpm, compact shaping tools can sand, shape, smooth and polish. A number of attachments are available, including sanding discs, rotary cutters, cut off and buffing wheels designed especially for these units. Several other miniature tools – such as drills, solder guns, sabre saws and tabletop band saws – round out this line of specialized power tools. Most of these tools run off 12-volt DC transformers with 120V AC input. Other accessories include cigarette lighter apters and battery-operated power packs, allowing maximum portability and flexibility.

Power Tool Rounters and Belt Sanders

Routers are effective for beading, grooving, routing and fluting, and enable the operator to accomplish inlay work, decorative edges and many types of carving and wood finishing that can take hours by hand.

The two main types of routers are fixed base routers and plunge routers. For fixed base routers, the motor raises and lowers with a rack and pinion or rotating motor in its base. Its bit protrudes at depth set. Plunge routers have a motor mounted on posts, which can be retracted from and lowered into the workpiece. D-i-yers may find plunge routers easier to use in many applications. Plunge depth is the measurement of the deepest cuts that can be made by a router.

Routers’ high-speed bit creates a smooth, ready-to-finish cut requiring minimal touch-up sanding.

Quality machines have all ball-bearing construction, accurate depth adjustment and a 1/2-hp to 3-1/2-hp motor. Models for light- or standard-duty usually use a 1/3-hp to 1/2-hp motors; for heavy- or commercial-duty 3/4-hp and up. A router will typically run at about 25,000 rpm, and there are a wide variety of bits available to do decorative edging, rabbeting, dadoing, dovetailing, laminate trimming, door hanging, lock mortising, stair routing, planing and shaping.

The router has a power switch enabling the user to control power easily with minimal effort. It also has both straight and circular guides for accuracy.

The router cuts and shapes. The most commonly used router hits are one-piece, although there are multi-piece router bits. The routers that d-i-yers buy usually use a 1/4[inches] shank.

Bits are available in heat-treated, high-speed steel, solid carbide or carbide-tipped steel. Carbide increases the cost, but also extends the life of the blade when used in comparable conditions.

Carbide is also useful for cutting harder composite materials. It is a brittle material and requires care in handling. Black-oxide treated bits can provide more strength and help prevent the bit from rusting but can cost much more than a standard bit.

Router bits are also available in an anti-kick-back or chip-limiting design that is more rounded than a standard bit. The chip-limiting bit helps protect the piece of work on which the router is being used by preventing the bit from lurching forward and biting into the material.

Although bits are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they fall into three general categories: grooving bits, edging bits and specialty bits.

Belt Sanders

Belt sanders use a continuous belt of man-made abrasive material. They are used by professionals and hobbyists to smooth wood or quickly remove finish.

Belts run over a drive pulley at one end and an idler pulley at the other. The rear pulley usually provides power through a chain, cogged belt or gear drive, while the from pulley is free riding.

A pistol-type handle enables the user to push and pull the machine over work with little effort. The front has a knob or handle for easy guiding in any direction.

Belts normally travel at 1,300 ft. per minute or less. Belt sanders are offered in nominal sizes of 2-1/2[inches] to 4[inches] wide belts; 3[inches] wide is the most common size for home use and intermittent jobs and is available in standard-duty or heavy-duty ball beating construction for professional use. Four-inch belt sanders are typically heavier and more powerful than the 3[inches] size.

Belt sanders are available with or without dust-collecting systems, which eliminate flying dust caused by fast sanding action. Rubber belt cleaners have also been developed to keep these tools running smoothly.

Most belt sanders have an adjustment feature that keeps the belt tracking properly. Some sanders offer a design feature that automatically maintains the belt in the center of the pulleys during operation to eliminate belts that wander off the pulleys and require regular readjustment. Some belt sanders also allow the user to sand all the way into a corner using the full length of the belt.

Professional Power Tools for Woodworking


Lathes handle a variety of wood-turning tasks such as spindles, miniatures, bowls and plates with ease and accuracy.

A lathe consists of a track or bed, headstock, tailstock and a tool support or rest. A piece of wood is inserted between centers, with the headstock driving the piece and the tailstock supporting the other end. The tool is then locked into position, and the carving tool is supported at the proper turning height.

Lathes can be run at speeds ranging from 300 to 3,700 rpm.

Skilled workers soon learn to adjust the lathe to proper speed. The carving tool is then held against the tool rest at the proper position and angle for the carving operation. As wood spins, surplus amounts are removed, and the desired design is accomplished.


A bench grinder is considered a stationary tool, because it is usually bolted to a bench in a workshop. However, there are several types of grinders available such as disc, angle and die.


Grinders cut and grind metal, concrete and masonry, and are used for sharpening all tools, cutting into corners and tight spots, polishing, buffing and wire brushing. They are small and should be recommended for use in any workshop. This tool consists of a motor powering one or two grinding wheels. In many tools, the motor is located between grinding wheels.


The drill press is designed to bore holes for precise, repetitive cuts. It also shapes, carves, sands, grinds, buffs and polishes in wood or metal with appropriate accessories.

A drill press consists of a base and a column rising upward to a head holding the motor and drill. A radial arm holds a work table that adjusts vertically. A feed handle enables the user to direct the drill chuck up and down to proper location.

On radial drill presses, the head will rotate 360 [degrees] around the column and can drill at an angle or horizontally.


The differences between professional power tools and consumer power tools fall into two areas: function and design. The differences do not mean that consumer tools are inferior, but the professional models can withstand heavier work loads. As a result, they have increased power and the ability to perform under more stress than consumer tools.

As d-i-yers become more serious about their work, more non-professionals are looking to purchase professional-grade tools. The popularity of rental centers has also helped boost sales in professional-grade tools as rental center operators demand longer life and durability out of their rental assortment.

The motors in professional power tools are designed to sustain loading for long periods to avoid burning up the motor. The power-to-weight ratio is also important, and the professional tools are engineered for maximum power with minimum tool weight.

Copper wire minimizes the size and weight of the motor. Though more expensive, copper is more efficient than aluminum used in many consumer power tool motors.

Arcing increases heat build-up in a motor, which can shorten its life span. Professional tools are designed to reduce arcing. Heat in a consumer tool is not as critical since the power and stress requirements are usually less.

Professional tool motors are often protected further with a resin coating on the motor wire to bond the wife better and protect the armature wire from grit and dust. Many professional tools also feature double-insulated housings.

Consumer tools use some ball bearings, but sleeve bearings are used extensively to reduce costs. Ball bearings are needed in professional tool motors to reduce vibration, which can cause excessive arcing and heat build-up.

Drill chuck spindles withstand heavy side, fore and aft loads, so the chuck spindle on professional drills rides on ball bearings. In the area of gears, professional models use wrought steel that is heat-treated following machining to toughen it. Powder-metal gears are prevalent in consumer power tools; these are ground metal granules compressed under pressure and heat. They usually require no costly machining. Some manufacturers are also using nylon gears.

Tough plastic housings are used in professional tools to withstand impact and to function as a superior electrical insulator.

The drill chucks on professional tools are repeatedly tightened and loosened, so these are usually made of steel that is case hardened for durability.

In addition, precision machining is required in these components to reduce wobble or “run out.” Many heavy-duty professional tools are assembled with pilot pins to ensure alignment and provide solid integrated structure.

Cords on professional tools are also usually longer than on d-i-y models and are made with a rubber coating rather than plastic to reduce the chance of fraying or cracking.

Types of Power Saw and Their Uses

Miter Saws

Miter saws are bench versions of radial arm saws. There are three types of miter saws available: compound miter, regular miter and slide compound miter. A compound miter saw performs the same functions as a standard miter saw but is generally more expensive because it also pivots to saw bevels as well as miters. Compound miter saws cut across the wood grain while regular miter saws cut with the wood grain. Slide or sliding compound saws use a sliding saw head for longer cuts with larger materials. A typical crosscut capacity is 12[inches] at 90 degrees and 8-1/2[inches] at 45 degrees.

Band Saws

Band saws will cut much thicker material than table saws or radial saws and are particularly useful for making irregular cuts in thick material. They will cut stock over 6[inches] thick and have band (or loop like) blades in various strengths and widths for different cutting purposes.

Skip-tooth blades are used for cutting aluminum, magnesium, plastics and wood.

A band saw is recommended when the customer needs a tool that will handle heavyduty cutting work on a constant basis. Cutting tables will tilt to 45 degrees, giving a variable cut for normal cutting operations.

Sanding attachments and sanding loops are available for sanding on irregular or curved surfaces.

Scroll Saws

Scroll saws consist of a small, thin blade activated by a far-reaching arm that permits handling wide material. Power is provided by up-and-down motion of the small blade at more than 1,000 cutting strokes per minute. It will cut intricate patterns in plywood, light metal and plastic.

Features include a table that tilts in either direction and a saw blade that moves rapidly through material to be cut. The scroll saw is relatively safe, inexpensive and lightweight.

Table Saws

A table saw has a flat cutting surface, with the circular saw blade extending up through a slot. Motor and drive mechanisms are located under the table surface.

The power of a saw’s motor determines how thick of material can be cut and how efficiently the saw will perform. Smaller units are designed for light ripping and crosscutting while large units can accommodate 5[feet] x 8[feet] sheets of plywood.

Rip fence capacity (maximum rip) is an important criterion for determining saw quality. The fence is mounted on the table and adjusts to guide the material being cut. The maximum distance between the saw blade and the rip fence determines the maximum cut that can be made. Rip fences have levers or knobs to adjust the fence and lock it accurately into place. Better rip fences are more accurate, easier to lock and made of more durable materials.

Extension rails are also available for some table saws. These extension rails allow the user to cut larger materials with better guidance. Adjustable miter gauges or sliding tables are features that enable table saws to be used for crosscutting.

When selling a table saw to a novice d-i-yet, point out that the material being cut must be fed into the side of the blade traveling downward. This automatically drives the work piece against the table, especially if the blade should bind. If fed in from the upward motion side, the material would be forced over the top of the blade and pulled forward by the teeth. All models feature safety blade guards that ensure material is fed from the proper direction.

Saw-Jointer Combination

Combining the functions of circular saw and jointer, a saw-jointer performs as well as or better than either of the single units, and its cost is lower than the combined price of the two units.


The plate joiner is designed for making strong plate joints and hiding joints in woodwork. Most joiners have top-mounted or side-mounted sliding switches, and come with a dust bag or an adapter for hook-up to a shop vacuum.

They typically feature 4[inches] blades and operate between 5 and 7.5 amps and 8,000-10,000 rpms. Some smaller models feature 2[inches] blades and are used for fine-detail cabinetmaking or woodwork. Fence design varies by model they either fold down flat or feature a removable sliding piece.

Planers and Jointers

The planer is used to square up, size or smooth wood in width (edge) or thickness (surface), doing the job of a hand plane faster and better. The jointer can also be used to perform special operations such as tapering, beveling and grooving. Planers are used to finish flat surfaces while jointers finish edges.

Planer-jointers are used for precision woodworking, carpentry and furniture making, and can handle softwoods, hardwoods and plastics. Some planer-jointer combinations are detachable so the user can carry them separately.

For top quality, look for jointers that feature a head with three or four knives. Some planer-jointers have high-speed cutter heads with only two knives.

A 4[inches] to 8[inches] wide cutting table holds material that is pushed across the table and over the cutter cylinder. A control knob enables the fence to be tilted for angle cuts. Tilts up to 45 degrees either way are normal.

Although any jointer can cause harm if misused, rotating knives are protected by a cutterhead guard. Removable lock-out switches are a feature with some models that prevent unauthorized use.

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